YesJulz Sex Tape

Julz Goddard is one of those people who got incredibly famous thanks to the social media by simply sharing their every day stories and adventures, both the good ones and the bad ones. You might know her better as YesJulz, the or like how she enjoys calling herself "Director of Vibes" . She had a huge impact when it comes to branding and marketing and that's why she is considered one of the social media giants, especially on SnapChat where she makes regular posts the events she hosts or attends. She is holding great relationships with some of the most popular artists at the moment, from both music, sport and even fashion industries.

Even if she is a completely positive person, full of energy, she changed quite a bit after the leak of her homemade sex video with one of her black friends. She is extremely embarrassed about it and she is trying to forget about it. The video that leaked was featuring her recording from the selfie perspective while receiving a good pounding from a big black cock in the doggy position. You can hear her moaning all along asking for more of his donger while being pushed down into the bed.





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