Brittney Jones Sex Video

Beautiful brunette Brittney Jones is not so much a celebrity as a girl that had an affair with a celebrity. You might remember her as the girl that slept with Ashton Kutcher and kept some of the naughty texts between them, presumably so she could share them with a tabloid and make some money, which is exactly what she did. It created quite a sensation as she went on to describe having sex with Ashton at the house he shared with Demi Moore while she was out of town filming a movie. He denies the stories, but his marriage did end so it seems like there might be some credence to what she said.

Brittney has also starred in a rather lovely hardcore tape where she is in a hotel room with a guy that gives her a good banging in POV. She is remarkably beautiful in a girl next door kind of way, and she is wearing a pair of black panties and nothing else as the action begins. She shows off her gorgeous ass, and lovely tits and then he guides his big cock into her in POV and fucks her with swift strokes while her head rolls from side to side and she moans in pleasure. It is high-quality stuff, and she puts on a great show, just like a real porn slut would.

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