Laura Ponticorvo 8 pics

UPDATE: Laura Ponticorvo is famous for being a fashion model and tv personality. She is a Dutch-Italian born model. These recent leaked pics of her show her getting nasty with his cock and licking it with that sexy mouth of hers and she is also taking some selfies of her in front of the mirror and teasing anyone that sees them. This is one sexy babe and we pray we will see more of her.

Laura Ponticorvo (born on, October 7, 1985) is a Dutch-Italian fashion model and media person. She participated in a number of Dutch TV programs and is best known for her participation in the program My dirty, Fat, Nasty Fiancé. Recently there were leaked some nude photos of her, where she performs sexual acts on a man, including blowjob. The photo of her nice big ass is especially appealing.

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