Kim Kardashian Sex Video

Kim Kardashian is the best in the world at what she does, though it might be difficult for most people to say what she does. What she does is be a celebrity, and while she’s often decried for having a lack of talent, there’s no question she is the best in the world at it and has outlasted so many of her counterparts. A rise to fame that truly began with the leaking of a hardcore tape now includes a massive empire of social media fans, television shows, public appearances, and more branded products than you can fathom (including a mobile game that generates huge amounts of money).


It all began with her fuck tape starring Kim and Ray J, a rapper with a fairly impressive black cock. They are in what looks like a hotel room, and her nude body is just as curvaceous and arousing as you might imagine (though her ass seems to have gotten bigger over the years). Most of the action happens in the bed, including a POV blowjob with her perfect lips wrapped around his dick as she looks up into the camera just like a pornstar. That might be the best part of the tape, though the doggystyle fucking is quality and she gives him the feedback of lusty moans to let the man know he is doing a good job banging her pussy.


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