Carmen Electra Sex Tape

For a brief period of time in the 1990s, a collection of girls rocketed to fame almost entirely on the basis of being smoking hot and having big tits. Carmen Electra was one such girl, and she remains a popular sex object to this day because she was better at it than most of them. Her career began as a backup singer to Prince, and she made a name for herself hosting an MTV dating show and showing lots of cleavages. She was always upfront about her sexuality and happily talked about how big Dennis Rodman’s cock was on a national radio show.


Given all of that it’s not surprising that she is an absolute tigress in bed. She made a naughty tape with a boyfriend and another girl, and it consists almost entirely of her kissing the hot girl, fondling her amazing tits, and pouring champagne all over her body. The ladies are doing it to turn him on, and that makes them the kind of girls we all want to be with, obviously.


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