Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape

Myla Sinanaj’s brush with fame began when she was working at New York’s Gansevoort Park Hotel. It was there that she met Kris Humphries, most famous as the short-lived husband of Kim Kardashian. She and Kris dated for a few months, and after the breakup Myla began a concerted effort to gain the sort of fame every Kim wannabe desires. She took it a little further, though, undergoing surgery to look more like the celebrity superstar and shooting a hardcore tape with a black guy just like Kim did.

Obviously, she has not gained the level of notoriety that she expected, but we’ll always have her hardcore film to enjoy. She is in a hotel room with the guy, and they switch between him holding the camera and putting it on a tripod pointed at the bed to capture all their wild sex. She looks a little like Kim Kardashian though it is largely her dark hair and tremendous curves (she is very proud that her ass is bigger than Kim’s). She puts on a good show as she gets banged in numerous positions and takes his cum on her face and in her mouth.

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