Taylor Lianne Chandler Sex Tape

Taylor Lianne Chandler was born intersex, meaning she had both male and female genitalia. In her twenties, she had the male genitals removed and has lived fully as a woman since that time. She lives and works in Washington, D.C. and if you know of her, it’s almost certainly because she was involved in a short-lived relationship with Michael Phelps, the most successful Olympic athlete of all time. They dated for roughly two months and gained huge media attention for it, mostly because of her intersex status, which she says led to enormous stress for her.

She was not too stressed out to capitalize on it afterward, however. Vivid Entertainment approached her with an offer to make a hardcore porn video starring a guy that looks like Michael Phelps. They called it “Going for the Gold” and promoted it like it was exactly the sort of sex she had with the swimmer. She is one hell of a hottie in the fuck film, though. She has a great body with big tits, long legs, and a tight ass and her pussy looks marvelously tight and sexy. The guy is fit and can fuck all day, which is basically what they do. The hardcore action is captured from every angle, right up until the cumshot.


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