Sydney Leathers Sex Tape

You probably remember the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal. He is the New York politician that blew up his career by sending pictures of his dick and naughty text messages to multiple girls. Sydney Leathers is one of those girls, and she has managed to make quite a nice career for herself thanks to the original burst of fame that came with being the subject of his lusty desires. 

She tried her hand at being an online dominatrix (and managed to snag another politician in that mess), got her labia trimmed live on camera, and has gone on to make a few full-length hardcore porn movies. At this point, she’s basically a pornstar that loves sex and can’t get enough of being famous for having cock inside her. She has got beautiful big natural tits, a huge back tattoo, and glorious curves that look great on camera. Her dick sucking skills are amazing, and her plump lips were made for wrapping around a boner and sucking erotically. You can see her get fucked on tape with ease, and she always makes it look good.

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