Severina Vuckovic Sex Tape

Unless you’re from Croatia, chances are good you don’t know why Severina Vuckovic is famous outside of the naughty tape she made with a former boyfriend. She is a pop/folk singer in her native country and one of its most popular celebrities with a recording career that dates back to the late 1980s and includes numerous enormous hits over nearly two decades. It helps that she’s exceptionally beautiful with a stunningly sexy pair of lips that would surely be delightful to kiss.


In 2004, a tape was released that featured explicit sex between Severina and her boyfriend at the time. He was a wealthy businessman, she was a gorgeous celebrity, and together they had lots of great sex and filmed every second of it. They are in a bedroom having a good time, and she proves beyond a reasonable doubt that she’s amazing between the sheets as he gets one of the finest blowjobs a man has ever received from those soft lips of hers and she is happy to have sex in almost every position. The most notable shot sees him taking her from behind while she looks into the camera with her eyes wide and her lips parted while she moans with a cock inside her.




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