Sami Miro Sex Tape

Sami Miro is probably most famous for dating Zac Efron for two years and was a budding designer and model at the time. The video clearly came from her phone and it is being questioned whether it is Zac or another man as the featured cock in the video and leaked pics. Not sure if it will ever really be known, but that is on his record now as well as hers, if nothing else but just the question of the cock belonging to him or not.

Sami Mori is seen in these pics and videos in a pair of panties that are bright pink and lacey. Not hard to pull to the side when he bends her over to fuck her from behind, maybe a quick piece on the side caught on tape here. She can be seen here taking his cock into her tight pink pussy that is eagerly swallowing his cock. There is a slight pic of a man in the pics, but one cannot be sure of his identity, but the important part of it is that we have her leaked video and pics here and her hot pussy being filled with a cock is all that matters right?





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