Rose McGowan Sex Tape

Rose McGowan is an actress known the best for her role of Paige Matthews on "Charmed" which is a supernatural drama television series that aired from 2001 to 2006. Before getting this role that had a huge impact on her career and as her life as well, she had some smaller roles in a couple of movies. During her career she also made a few appearances in the music industry by performing backing vocals for two songs and later she has written and recorded some of her own songs as well. She did some voice acting for video games, and even if it's nothing special, it is still worth mentioning.

Everyone's favorite performance is probably the one in her leaked sex tapes where she has an amazing session with her lover and another one where she is by herself. In the first one she will record herself while giving an rather impressive blowjob to her man where at one point she will take every inch of his meat pole deep down her throat before receiving some pleasure herself off camera. The second one however lets you see Rose McGowan's incredible breasts before she takes the camera down and starts fingering her juicy pussy.





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