Petra Slapar Sex Tape

Stunning Slovenian blonde babe Petra Slapar had her most significant brush with fame when she represented her home country in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. She was not able to help them win, but she did get to sing on television and has since produced singles and music videos where you can appreciate just how flawlessly gorgeous she is. When she is glamorous and seductive, she's at her most arousing and her big natural tits certainly help.


You’re probably not here to read about her singing career though. Instead, you want to know about the homemade lesbian tape she starred in. Petra and a sexy brunette girl are in a little boat on the ocean with little clothing on, and they have full-on sex, complete with tit sucking, pussy eating, and deep fingering that leaves them both moaning joyfully. It is some of the best girl on girl sex you’ll ever see, and they’re both excellent at making each other cum.


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