Paige (WWE) Sex Tape




Paige, born under the name of Saraya-Jade Bevis, has been a professional wrestler since she was 13 when her parents signed her up  and she made her debut in the World Association of Wrestling. She went on to hold many championships within Europe. She signed on with the WWE in 2011 and that is when she made her name in the industry and won the Divas Championship, as the youngest to hold that title in the history at just 21 years old.. But that is her career, let's look into her private life just a little. 

Paige claims her phone was hacked and videos and images of her in sex acts was leaked, or so she says. But somehow this keeps happening and she has since been suspended from the WWE. She is now engaged to Albert Del Rio and still maintains that the pics of her were stolen, but how many guys have slapped their cocks to the pics that were supposedly stolen is growing by the day, no pun intended there. She is dropdead sexy and uber hot and that's all these guys care about.





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