Noelia Sex Tape

Puerto Rican pop singer Noelia released her first album in 1999 and has been recording hit songs ever since; notching 10 hits on the Latin Billboard Top 40 and selling out concerts around the world ever since. She’s gorgeous and talented and with a remarkable pair of big round breasts she is thrilling to look at whether she’s dancing, singing, or getting screwed in a hardcore tape she filmed with her boyfriend.


The tape was released in 2007 and had been intended only for the couple. Like any celebrity screw video it made its way online and the world went wild, at least in part because she is breathtakingly gorgeous and in part because it’s always fun to see that the celebs we love watching perform are also wildly naughty in bed. Her man has a big cock, and she takes it into her dripping wet pussy for some lusty fucking before guiding it into her asshole. It is the anal sex that shows how insanely dirty this girl is.






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