Montana Fishburne Sex Tape

Montana Fishburne is the stunningly beautiful daughter of Laurence Fishburne, a noted actor with a long and thriving career. She is fairly unique in that her fame is entirely due to her decision to shoot a porn video shortly after her 18th birthday. She stated that she was inspired by the success of Kim Kardashian and other girls that managed to launch hugely successful careers as celebrities simply by having sex on film. It did not quite work out that way for her.

She shot a tape through Vivid, a world famous porn production company and it was filled with naughty fun. She looks gorgeous in it and begins by giving the guy a blowjob in the car and in the driveway while he holds the camera and shoots everything POV to get a great view of her mouth in action. They head to a hotel room to continue the action and fuck all over the place. He bangs her on the coffee table, takes her into the bed for more fucking, and has her masturbate for him in the bathroom. It is a long, incredible hardcore tape with his big white dick visiting her black pussy over and over and him eventually cumming. She never quite achieved the fame she was looking for, and reports are that now she’s turned to stripping to make money. 

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