Meg White Sex Tape

Few drummers in hugely successful bands are given as little credit as Meg White, half of The White Stripes with her ex-husband Jack White. She might not be hugely talented, but they did amazing things together and helped usher change into the music industry at a time when it was badly needed. Since the band’s breakup in 2011 she has not been active in the music business, so time will tell if she decides to grab the sticks and beat the skins again.


Her curvaceous naked body can be admired in a homemade tape that was released some time ago and features incredible fucking. We do not see much of the guy’s face, but she is happy to be seen smiling and moaning as he fucks her, including some of the best amateur doggystyle you’ll ever watch. He likes to grab her hair and gently put his hand around her neck while taking her pussy, and every bit of it seems to arouse her even more. Her big ass is a treat when she rides his dick too.


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