Luna Maya Sex Tape

Just after her 21st birthday Indonesian cutie Luna Maya began her career as an actress and she has been remarkably prolific ever since. She works primarily in her home country and has shown skill at both drama and comedy. She has worked as a model, has directed short films, and was chosen as a torchbearer for the Olympics in 2008. She’s one of the most popular celebs in Indonesia, which is why it was so widely covered when her sex videos leaked.


She made two separate hardcore videos with her boyfriend, and they both ended up online, much to her chagrin. If you’ve ever seen her work you know she has a wonderfully lean body, but you’ve never seen it quite like this as she seems to love sitting on her man’s cock and riding him with her tight pussy. When she is on top and leaning back, her tits look perfect, and his hands are all over her taut tummy as she continues to bounce wildly and moan for more. It is exactly what sex between a couple should look like.


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