Karrine Steffans Sex Tape

Karrine Steffans has forged a unique career, starting with her status as a video vixen in more than 20 music videos for some of the most popular rap and hip-hop artists in the world. If you’re familiar with the genre, you know her job is largely to look hot and shake her big ass, but what makes Ms. Steffans unique is that she’s an accomplished writer and has used her experiences to craft entertaining books about being a video vixen, including Confessions of a Video Vixen, her most famous work to date.

It will shock no one to know that Karrine Steffans has done some work fucking on film in her career. The life of a video vixen is about the sex, after all, so it is a short jump from that to getting railed by big black cock and she looks damn good doing it. Her most famous work is with a black dude wielding a mighty big cock and it begins outdoors in a backyard with oral sex and good fucking on a lounge chair before they go inside so he can bang her on the couch. She is all about the moans and groans of sexual joy while he has his way with her.

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