Jenna Lewis Sex Tape

The first season of Survivor, the CBS reality TV show, was a cultural phenomenon. Almost all of the contestants were able to capitalize on their fame in one way or another, including Jenna Lewis. The beautiful blonde made it to the final four of the original season and went on to host numerous TV shows, appear on Survivor in season 8, and star in a direct to video movie with numerous other reality TV stars.


At this point, it’s fair to say she is most notable for the incredible 42-minute hardcore tape she and her husband filmed (now her ex-husband). They had enough time to do a little of everything, including some of the finest cocksucking you will ever see by a celebrity or otherwise. This naughty girl is amazing with a dick in her mouth. They fuck in every position in their homemade sexual adventure, and the best part is that it was later revealed that they filmed it with the intention of selling it. This was not a stolen tape. She basically became a pornstar with the intention of extending her fame and making more cash, and it actually worked.


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