Analeigh Tipton Sex Tape

Analeigh Tipton made her start as a figure skater and later became an actress and model, famous for her role in Warm Bodies and coming in 3rd on Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model. But the one that seems to have gotten her more attention than any of that is the role she played in her sex tape that was leaked. This isn't as graphic as some of them are that have been hacked from phones or icloud accounts, but it is still porn and still pussy and guys are turned on by it. Oh and she didn't want it out there, so it is that much more taboo!

Analeigh Tipton seemed to have been horny as hell one day and tore off her own clothes and began to rub her own pussy off. Don't have a boyfriend? Who cares, you have a hand and a pussy, that is all that's really needed. She had some little hard nipples and a rock hard clit that needed to be seen about and she turned on her phone and went on playing with her tight little shaved pussy. We will be keeping an eye out for more of this one, she could prove to be a lot of fun to jerk off too.





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