Allegra Carpenter Sex Tape

Allegra Carpenter is an actress originally from the Netherlands, however when she was just two months old, her family decided to move to Bali where she then grew up. Later in her life when she graduated and moved to LA to continue her education she started pursuing a modeling and acting career. She got quite successful in both of her careers that she had big hopes for and she ended up being one of the famous models, especially in the Australian area since her modeling debut was in the Australian Fashion Week. Since the modeling worked out well, the acting career got carried quite a bit by it and eventually she ended up on the big screen. She is known for her role in the movie "Argo" where she had the role of a flight attendant, and the blockbuster movie adaptation of the book "The Fault In Our Stars" where she was the restaurant hostess.

Allegra is pretty famous when it comes to the social media, and that's because she is constantly in the center of attention due to her naked pictures. Some of the pictures feature even more, and by more we mean pictures where she has a nice cock in her mouth. However something tops that as well, and that is her leaked sex tape.





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