Kerri Parker Sex Tape

British beauty Kerri Parker embarked on a modeling career in 2003 and was an instant success. She traveled the world, experienced everything it had to offer, and made great money posing in sexy shoots in stunningly beautiful locations. In 2012, she was selected as a Playboy Playmate and invited to move into the Mansion, which she gladly accepted. She lived and loved the life of a centerfold, including great sex with hot guys that really know how to fuck.


One such encounter ended up the subject of a leaked tape that showed how amazing it is to fuck a chick that’s been in Playboy. She is beautiful, leggy, and big-breasted and she backs it up with passion between the sheets. There’s a quick POV blowjob where he holds the camera while she sucks dick and they put it off to the side and pointed at the bed so he can fuck his lady with the kind of abandon she desires. Every position they try looks amazing, but she’s especially arousing when she is on top and grinding on his dick.


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