Abigail Spencer Sex Tape

Abigail Spencer is the sort of actress that you probably recognize immediately but would struggle to name anything she has been in. Her resume is enormous though and includes a slew of popular television shows and movies, including the second season of True Detective and the popular romantic comedy This Means War. She’s beautiful, sexy, and enormously talented and she is not shy about her sexuality.


Amazingly, she has starred in two solo sex scenes where she was clearly putting on a masturbation show for a boyfriend while she was away. Being an actress means you are traveling all the time for shoots, which is why both her tapes are in hotel rooms. The first is selfie style as she holds the camera to show off her pretty face and tits while she gets off and gives a nice shot of her pussy. In the second she dances and rubs her breasts while playing with her gorgeous snatch and cumming for her man.


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